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Rajshahi Association, an organisation for the welfare of the people was established by Raja Pramathanath Roy Bahadur of Dighapatia.
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Mohammad Kazem Ali Qureshi famously known as Kaikobad (1857-1951), epic poet and writer, died in Dhaka.
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(Colonel) Abu Taher (1938-1976), military officer, a sector commander in the war of liberation, radical activist, was executed by hanging.
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Attempt to assassinate Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in her home district, Gopalganj, foiled. Police discover and defuse an explosive device planted at the venue of the Prime Minister's rally. Four activists of Islamic Chhatra Shibir, student wing of the Jamaat-i-Islami, arrested.
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Monsoon rains were reported to have killed at least 579 people in South Asia. India reported a total of 263 deaths, Bangladesh 169, Pakistan 78, and Nepal 69.
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