BanglaCapsule | Bangladesh History on  Feb 18

Dr Mohammad Shamsuzzoha, Proctor of the Rajshahi University, was killed by a bullet fired by the Pakistani military while he was performing his duty.
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The Bangladesh Women's Rehabilitation Board (subsequently to become the Women's Rehabilitation and Welfare Foundation) was formed as a semi-autonomous organisation affiliated with the Ministry of Social Welfare.
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The government grants Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam the citizenship of Bangladesh.
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Muhammad Ali, the greatest heavyweight boxer, came to Bangladesh along with his wife for a five-day visit.
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Ziaur Rahman's Bangladesh Nationalist Party wins 207 out of 300 seats in parliamentary election.
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Muhammad Yunus announced the foundation of a new party tentatively called Citizens' Power (Nagorik Shakti). There was speculation that the army supported a move by Yunus into politics.
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