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1935 Nitun Kundu, artist, entrepreneur, co-founder of OTOBI, freedom fighter and famed sculptor, was born in Dinajpur.
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1953 Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani formed the National Democratic Front.
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1955 The first test (first ever test Cricket in Bangladesh soil) was held between Pakistan and India. The newly-built Dhaka Stadium then had the maximum capacity of accommodating 15,000 spectators.
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1956 Manik Bandyopadhyay (1908-56), novelist and short story writer, died in Kolkata, India.
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1971 Bangladesh Air Force went to their very first action since formation and attacked the Chittagong-based Oil tank depot and oil tank depot was totally destroyed by that air attack.
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1971 Pakistan launches preemptive air strikes against India.
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1971 Bangladesh Air Force destroys Pakistani oil depots. Pakistani air attacks on India results in India declaring war on Pakistan.
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1991 (Justice) Badruddin Ahmad Siddiky (1915-1991), an accomplished lawyer, Chief Justice of East Pakistan, a humanitarian activist, and diplomatic dignitary, died.
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1999 Rokonuzzaman Khan Dadabhai (1925-1999), noted litterateur, journalist and founder of the children's organisation Kachi Kanchar Mela, died in Dhaka.
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2004 Bishwa Ijtema, the second largest Muslim gathering after Hajj, begins on the bank of Turag river in Tongi.
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2005 Police have detained a total of 97 people over 2 days in connection with 3 bombings which killed 14 people.
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2010 A boiler explosion at the Eurotex factory in Dhaka started a fire, which led to a stampede that killed two workers and injured another 62.
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